Some of our Customer Testimonials

To enquire about our services please call us on 07450 270 221 to speak to an Account Manager or email us on sales@wepost4u.co.uk

Aqsas Restaurant, Littleborough

Indian Restaurant

“Thank you for all your hard work! Great Service and Fantastic response. I would recommend… “

Cee Jay’s, Rochdale

Hair Dresser & Beauty Salon

” Quick Delivery and good feedback from customers… Thanks a lot!”

The Italian Room, Bamford

Italian Restaurant

Great Service, Thanks to all the Team!! I’ll be using you again next time!

Smokin Gadgets, Rochdale

Toy Shop

“Just wanted to say thanks for delivering my leaflets and i was told by many family and friends that they saw my leaflet come through their letterbox. Call me again in 6 Months as i want to do the same again! 10k in Rochdale”

Apna Andaz Design, Rochdale

Asian Clothes Retailer

What can i say.. You delivery for me every month and i will continue while I’m in Business for many years to come! Thanks
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